5 Fun Things To Do In Mobile AL

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The only saltwater port in the state of Alabama, the city of Mobile Alabama offers loads of fun water activities that visitors to the city can enjoy with their family and kids. In addition, the city is famous for its diverse food scene, its rich history, and for preserving more than a good bit of that old genteel southern flavor.

Thanks largely to its cotton trade, and especially the port, the City of Mobile was ranked among the ten wealthiest US cities for a good part of the 19th century. The city has however come a long way since then. Modern construction in Mobile and especially the various gentrification projects in and around the downtown area have changed the face of Mobile a good deal. It is now a modern city that has also carefully preserved its history meaning tourists and locals alike can enjoy the best of both worlds at Mobile.

Meet Swamp Snakes at the 5 Rivers Delta Center

This $10 million resource center and the facility were developed to celebrate the famous Mobile-Tensaw River Delta which happens to be the meeting point of five rivers—namely, Mobile, Blakely, Tensaw, Spanish, and Appalachee. Here, you will get to meet lots of live animals and will have a chance to update your knowledge of riverine life thanks to the many interactive exhibits that the facility hosts. So, get up close with swamp snakes, take a peek at an osprey nest or get a huge but curiously gentle owl to land right on your palm—whatever you feel comfortable with!

Explore the Bartram Canoe Trail

And if caged snakes were a little too lukewarm for your taste, go kayaking the Bartram Trail with alligators gliding past ever so nonchalantly by your kayak. Most of them are baby gators, but you may have the luck to stumble upon the mother as well. Just don’t scream when you do! Anyway, you’ll have a knowledgeable guide accompanying you, so nothing much to worry about. And if you’re in the right season (read spring), you’ll get to watch several varieties of birds as well.

Explore Mobile Bay Aboard a Duck Boat

Are you a fan of duck boats? Then this is something you definitely should not miss. The amphibian begins its journey from the historic downtown and then splashes into the Bay to give you a fun ride around the cruise dock, the city waterfront, and the battleship USS Alabama.

Dive Into the Mardi Gras History at The Mobile Carnival Museum

Mention Mardi Gras and everybody starts thinking of New Orleans. However, the fact stands that the birthplace of the famous annual opulent celebration is actually Mobile, Alabama. And a visit to the Mobile Carnival Museum will dispel any doubts that you may still have had. Get an eyeful of all the various Mardi Gras costumes, floats, and other memorabilia. The opulence and the luxury of the place are sure to dazzle you, especially if you are told that some of the floats and trains you are watching are worth $45,000 and more.

Do a bit of Time Traveling at Dauphin Island

If historical sites are the thing for you, you don’t want to miss a visit to Dauphin Island while at the City of Mobile. Here you’ll get to watch a number of curious things (such as a skillful blacksmith diligently at work with tools dating back to the early 19th century) that may make you wonder which is more real—the activities going around you or the skyscape up yonder? And while at the Island, you may also like a visit to the Estuarium, the wonderful aquarium exhibiting four different underwater habitats of the Mobile Bay eco-system.

And when you are done with all the roaming around, don’t forget to explore the Mobile Alabama food scene as much as you can. Lots of great restaurants offering a variety of genuine southern cuisine. Choose the ones after you taste and enjoy the plunge.

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