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Why Install Footers?

A foundation is a section on which a building rests. The footer is the base structure below the slab foundation that supports the building. Concrete foundations must be laid well to prevent movement that may destroy the materials laid atop.

In the initial stages of construction, concrete contractors determine the foundation material and create a detailed project plan in order to obtain a permit from the local authorities. If the landscape is very steep or is known to have a history of landslides and mass movement, they seek technical support from engineers and other experts.

When installing a concrete footer, it is important for the materials to lie on an even surface. If the soil has not been tampered with, there is no need for compaction. If trenches are needed for slab edges, they must be dug deep as needed.

Strong footers are founded on grounds with a similar type of soil to avoid differential movement. For these installations to last a lifetime, you need competent professionals to supervise the work. Our concrete company inspects the site before anything else. We may dig test holes to inspect the reactivity of the soil. Give us a call to learn more about concrete foundations and footers.

Why Choose Us As Your Concrete Foundation Installer?

Have you noted any sign of damage to the foundation of other buildings? It could be a crack, bowing wall, or sticking doors. Or it could be catastrophic like uneven floors and wall cracks over 1 inch thick.

We’re here to help prevent you from ever having to deal with such problems. We have the right expertise in concrete and we use the latest building technologies so you have nothing to worry about the building settling poorly. We understand that your commercial property or home has unique needs. Get ready for a customized solution for quality concrete foundation and footer installation.

Attentive to Detail

We will work with you every step of the process to put you at ease. Whoever installs concrete conducts thorough research to give you details of what should be done to stabilize the foundation.

Experienced Company

Our longstanding reputation in the construction industry guarantees knowledge and expertise on the best solutions for laying foundations and footers.

Reasonable and Fair Costs

Worry not about the project cost because our customized solutions come in different budget ranges. You can choose a package that best suits your pocket.

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