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Why would a homeowner desire concrete patios and walkways? There are actually quite a few reasons.

The first reason is that concrete is durable and can support heavy objects such as outdoor furniture.

The second is that it is always firm and does not get muddy due to rain.

The third is that concrete is an investment and makes a yard more attractive. Call us for our options for concrete patios in Mobile AL.

Residential Patios

We have quite a bit of experience satisfying the demands of a variety of homeowners. While concrete and ceramic blocks can be bought as prefabricated parts, nothing fits the landscape better than a custom job where concrete is poured to fill a unique order. Other options include cut stone and paving with square or hexagonal ceramic slabs. We’re known for doing all of this and are known for attention to detail to give a perfect finish.

What is the best concrete company for your project? More than likely, one that has a long list of experience with landscaping jobs. With an indoor job, the ground has already been leveled with construction equipment. With an outdoor job, there is less need for a leveler, but it should conform to the design and the terrain. Pouring outdoors is an extra challenge because the work must blend with a yard that is bound to have inclines and obstructions such as trees.

It is great to be able to go out into a yard in all weather. A stone or concrete walk can be the perfect place to set up a garden for viewing pleasure or vegetables. Florida especially is known for sandy soil and significant rain for parts of the year. Since sandy soil is less stable than clay soil, retaining walls and other very stable features can greatly improve the quality of an entire back yard.

Custom Patio Design

We can do a wide variety of jobs and make it look good. Setting cut stone into an attractive pattern is a bit more labor-intensive than just setting concrete, and it fits more into the job category of a landscaper. The results can be well worth it because of the beauty created. A general contractor can pour cement, but it takes someone special to make a durable walkway from prefabricated blocks.

The end result should last for decades if not centuries. The house will likely be gone before our work. Get in contact with us and we’ll provide a price for both materials and labor. Cut stone, blocks, and concrete is attractive, especially when installed by our professional masons in Mobile.

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