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Looking to hire a good block mason? We understand how to install and use cement blocks to build retaining walls, stem walls, and foundations. There are many ways to get a stone or ceramic block, but each type has its uses and limits.

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Expertise and Experience

Masonry might refer to cutting stones to the right shape, but it modern times it refers also to industrially producing cinder blocks on site for construction. Most blocks are set with mortar and filled with concrete, which is another tough challenge that requires skilled and strong workers. Pick a team that knows how to set a block wall straight and with optimal strength and lifespan. Good masonry depends heavily on experience and a deep study of the field.

Picking a Concrete Company For Your Patio

Block masonry might seem like a less obvious choice for a patio, but there are people who choose it because of its great flexibility. Concrete is generally poured into a rectangular mold while blocks can be set in an arrangement to create unique patterns, shapes, and paths. If a person wants a patio in a confined space or does not want to cut down a beloved small tree, then stones might provide the desired flexibility.

Poured concrete creates a uniform surface that is naturally flat. It is good for flat yards and open spaces that facilitate something that is simple but rather drab. If a homeowner wants something that is beautiful and meanders through a yard or garden in an organic way, the professional stone setting is the solution. Those blocks might be made of concrete, but they are fitted and form a unit that is richer because of its pattern and complexity.

Stones and blocks can be set without mortar to allow the water to drain. For someone wanting a set surface that sheds water, then the cracks between stones can be filled with cement quite easily. Both types tend to be very durable as long as the blocks are firmly entrenched in the soil. Mortar-less patterns are particularly great for sheltered ground that sees little rainfall and indirect sunshine.

An even better option for installing concrete or stone blocks is to then polish it. While a stone polisher is an extra service, it does not take long and creates a much more attractive surface. Polished stone and concrete are very attractive when it does rain and yet do not have to be so polished that they are slick to step upon. The look of worn stone goes great in a garden.

We Work With Custom Home Builders

Our construction company knows how to finish the job. We’re able to install block walls and foundations for custom and new home construction. 

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