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Pouring concrete for a private home is often a unique job. Homeowners do not just want concrete but a walkway or driveway that has a certain beauty or pattern to it. The request might be a particular shape or granular texture. We can do all sorts of things, and this is when our job gets best because here we get to be artists.

 Our expert team will work with the homeowner in steps to deliver the perfect job. By getting feedback from the resident, the job will go down to personal satisfaction. This is how pouring concrete turns into a unique finished product. Our company will pour driveways, garage floors, patios, and foundations for outdoor buildings. Stone or masonry that is built into a concrete job is a touch that is requested by many homeowners. Call today and talk to real paving experts about fulfilling your paving and outbuilding needs.

Concrete Driveway Repairs

Work with people who can build a new driveway that will last for years or else repair an old job. With over 15 years of experience in dealing with old driveways and pouring new ones in Alabama, our company knows how to deal with cracks and sinkholes. The ground underneath a driveway can settle or erode over time, but our expert company can deal with these problems as well. If any signs of erosion or a sinkhole start to repair, get this fixed immediately so that a vehicle or person is not harmed. Call our company today to discuss the severity of a problem.

Concrete Foundations and Slabs

Pouring concrete to create a foundation is the most common method. The advantages include reduced labor and material that perfectly conforms to a given mold. Concrete is very strong with the right aggregate, and it is impermeable to water. We pour foundations and can also form crawlspaces and stem walls. Methods include steel reinforcement, anchor bolts, and wire mesh. Expect all parameters to be met, as we understand how the foundation meets the blueprint.

Concrete Footers and Slabs

Some buildings need concrete footers for additional support. It is similar to surrounding a pole with bricks even after burying part of the length in the ground. When a multistory building needs additional structural integrity or resistance to vibration, consider pouring a solid footer around the foundation of the building. This parallel reinforcement also helps to deal with shifting soil. Our team can dig the impression fo the footer and pour the needed concrete with ease.

 Choosing Concrete Floors

There are advantages and disadvantages to using concrete for a floor. Some homes and businesses use concrete for their ground-level floor for the benefits. For a house, it taps into the ground temperature and gives a solid and durable surface. Concrete can also be polished to a shine or else etched with fine grooves for traction.

 Concrete Patios

Concrete is a fast and easy way to install a patio. The alternative is to lay bricks, which is a more laborious process. Concrete is an important ingredient of a composite patio, and we can do that. A patio can also be extended without the results looking unattractive. A pool deck can be resurfaced by concrete experts so that it is more attractive and safer because of a grooved surface.

Demolition and Removal

People who can pour concrete can also take it up. Call our company to have a concrete slab broken into manageable pieces, excavated, and then hauled away. Call our company for a quote, as this process does take time and labor. You have the right to know the likely price.

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